Company History and Profile

Company History

Mr. Satpal Khanijaon, The CEO of Novaprintex co. ltd. started his career as a textile trader in 1985. He established Nova Fabrics and worked with several huge importers in the global market. Although he was growing quickly, Mr. Satpal faced numerous problems with his suppliers, quality control and timing, to name a few. Nonetheless, his success in the first 10 years of his career cultivated his passion for Prints, designs and the textile industry.

As his Client base increased, Mr. Satpal found it increasingly difficult to provide the quality and service required. He also realized there was a void in the industry for servicing smaller clients and emerging brands.

The problems he faced as a trader forced him to consider solutions, eventually he decided to set up an operation where everything was in one building. This would give him complete control over the quality, delivery and service to his clients. Thus was born the brainchild of Mr. Satpal Khanijaon, Novaprintex Co. Ltd.

Company Profile

Novaprintex Co. Ltd. was established in 2007, with a staff of 300 people and a production capacity of 1.5 million yards/month and growing.

Novaprintex is a printing, dyeing and garment production house based in Thailand. We work with a range of natural fiber fabrics including Cottons, Rayons, viscose, Linens, Silks and we’re always developing new qualities to keep up with industry demands. We’re unique in that our entire operation from print designing to garment production is done in house; A one stop shop for all customers in the garment and fabric craft industry. We also have low minimum order quantities and an entire division devoted solely to garment sampling.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a one-stop manufacturing service to all businesses in the Printed fabric and garment industry.

  • We intend to participate in our customers’ success by delivering Printed fabric and garment solutions through our resources, creativity and committed team members
  • Our goal is to facilitate our customers business, and be their inspiration, by offering them excellent product development
  • We’d like to create a trustworthy and dependable business experience through outstanding service

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